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Fields of expertise

Project management


Current Research
  • Project control methodologies

  • Project management tools and techniques

  • Project management training methodologies

  • An efficient frontier approach for multi-decision project management

  • System Dynamic analysis 

Consulting Projects in Industry


  • Planning and controlling of an International Project.

  • Implementation of Project   Management Methodology.

  • Controlling the  Establishment of a Power Station Project.

  • Examination and Analysis of the Implementation of an ERP System

Service systems management


Current Research
  • Service management quantitative and qualitative methodologies

  • Value Co-Creation and Strategic Alliances in the Service Industry

  • Service management tools and techniques

  • System Dynamic analysis

Consulting Projects in Industry


  • Call center performance Improvement

  • Implementing Service management body of knowledge

  • Examination and Recommendation of Operational Control.

  • Examination and Establishment of waste recycling process.

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